GameSpeed is similar to the programming a military special forces trainer introduced to the Golden State Warriors in 2014-2015.  They focused in practice on trying to make the game more predictable and controllable to reduce stress in the game.  He said, "If you perceive a situation is something you've never done before, stress goes up.  If you perceive a situation is uncontrollable, stress goes up.  If you perceive a situation is unpredictable, stress goes up." If stress goes up performance goes down.  WAY DOWN.


GameSpeed, in addition to teaching vitally important footwork and change of direction principles that will reduce likelihood of injury and drastically improve performance, provides an environment that introduces countless game situations that will help improve performance by reducing stress.  Repetition, repetition, repetition!!!  Movements and managing situations calmly become instinctive with GameSpeed.


  • The core principles of GameSpeed are built on teaching the most efficient way to change direction to reduce injury and maximize performance.


  • Dodging drills to teach the best way to decelerate into and accelerate out of a dodge.


  • Shooting drills that better mimic and prepare players for game situations while also introducing tremendous creativity, athleticism, and freedom to develop exceptional stick handling.


NOTE: No turfs or cleats for GameSpeed programming, BASC Shooting, or any other lacrosse programming.



  • 60 Minute Classes: $25.00 per athlete, per session


BASC offers 60 minute GameSpeed training sessions. As with all of our programming, all clients and athletes are invoiced at the end of each month for sessions done for that month.



BASC Shooting Membership:


  • To take advantage of our new practice facility, all you need is to sign up for the new BASC Shooting Membership!


  • As a BASC Shooting Member, you can go online and reserve practice time as often as you like, 6 days a week, 12 months a year.


  • The annual fee is only $200.00 for unlimited access to the new practice facility. Please stop in or call us at 315-657-8227 to sign up!