The Sports Performance Training program was created for athletes looking to improve their overall athleticism. BASC provides a level of programming that is not available anywhere else, one that maximizes every athlete's individual potential.  We will remain at the cutting edge of health, fitness, and athletic performance industries.


  • Our Sports Performance Training centers around injury reduction and improved athletic performance through movement training and functional strength training.  In our athlete programming, our approach addresses all facets of athlete development from physical to mental.


  • We utilize plyometric, medicine ball, Olympic, and functional training techniques in a unique manner to train for speed, power, strength, and conditioning.


  • Our progressions and regressions each movement we utilize allow us to address individual differences among athletes giving them the greatest opportunity for optimal athletic performance. It's an unmatched approach in an unmatched facility, with an unmatched staff.


Sports Training Sessions

  • 60-75 Minute: $26.00 per athlete, per session


BASC offers 60-75 minute a Sports Performance Training sessions. All sessions are on a "By Appointment Only" basis so please call or email to schedule. As with all of our programming, all clients and athletes are invoiced at the end of each month for sessions done for that month.